it started with a task.

A few days ago my Master gave me and order to find a new whip and send Him the links. i did as i was told but He did not like my choices and wanted something harsher. He then wanted me to look for a new harsh whip and a 5 piece restraint set. As i was looking for these things for Him all i could think about was HIm using them on me. It turned me on so much that i was soaking wet for two days. Yesterday when i found everything i emailed Him the links and also asked Him if as long as i didn’t cum if i could touch myself to the thought of Him. He emailed me telling me which ones He liked and wanted to use on me. At this point i couldn’t take it anymore and was hoping He would allow me to touch myself for Him but He totally ignored the request and told me to meet Him on Skype by 10:00pm. When i got on Skype with Him He immediately told me to get on my knees. He also told me to grab my vibrator and present myself to Him. As soon as I called Him he made me use my vibrator on myself and made me cum over and over again asking each time for His pleasure only. He humiliated me by making me put the vibrator in my mouth as if i was sucking is cock then made me rub it all over my face. He then made me fuck myself with the vibrator again and made me ask and beg to cum again and made me rub it on my face again. He always tells me He is going to give it to me with no mercy; it is true. All i want to do is please my Master and i will do everything and anything to prove it to Him. i am his slave and i should know my place.


the beginning.

It has been a long drawn out journey but i have been lucky enough to have found a Master. He found me on a website for alternative relationships. i only had my profile up for one day when He messaged me. i knew i wanted to be His by the first line of the message i read. Everything He wrote and spoke about called to me. i quickly messaged Him back and in His second message He included His email address and ordered me to email Him. i did as He told me and i haven’t been able to get Him out of my head since. i have always dreamed about being owned and it has always come very close to happening and now it is. i must admit, i am a bit scared and i feel completely vulnerable but it is worth it for Him. i know i want and need this. i have always been a submissive girl and as i got older the urge to serve a man got stronger and stronger. i know this is where i belong. i am his slave for eternity and He is my Master. i only told one friend because this is something society tends to look down upon. She is very happy for me. i told Him i was a runner and was afraid i was going to run from Him. He told me that wasn’t an option and my friend agreed with Him. i will not run from Him, even if i am scared. i need to play it out. i am under His complete control now. He is all i want. He is all i need. He is all i crave. i want and need Him for all eternity.

This is the beginning of my life as a slave. A slave to man who has complete control over me.